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Tutoring: Online

SmarThinking Schedule

SmarThinking Schedule LinkConnect with SmarThinking to search for a specific subject or view the general online tutoring schedule.

SmarThinking is Free Online Tutoring

Access SmarThinking LinkSMCC is pleased to offer our students free access to online tutoring, SmarThinking, through Pearson. Submit your papers ahead of time and have them reviewed by professionals, or get help with other subjects when and where you need it most.

Getting started is easy with the access button, but you may be asked to login one more time. If that happens, just use your MySMCC username and password!

How to Use Drop-in Online Tutoring

How to Use the WhiteBoard in Smarthinking

How Do I Use SmarThinking?

If you can't make it to campus to see one of our tutors, you can trust SmarThinking to help you out. There are a variety of ways to use SmarThinking, so just about any schedule can be accomodated:

  1. Check the subject schedule, then drop-in for a real-time session with a tutor.
  2. Schedule a tutoring session for a window when you know you'll be free.
  3. Submit a question to receive email feedback later on.
  4. Upload an essay for review and feedback.