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Welcome to the SMCC Online Learning Portal: Getting Started Online

Getting Started

I'm Registered, Now What?  1. Check your SMCC email account.       All official course and college instructions will be sent to your SMCC email account.       You can access your SMCC email via the MYSMCC portal. Click here to access your email.    2. Check to make sure you can access your course.       On the first official day of classes, please attempt to log into Blackboard. All online courses are in Blackboard.      You can find Blackboard here:      Students will NOT have access to courses prior to the start of the term. You will only be given access on the day the term starts.         It will take up to 2-3 hours after course registration to be entered into the online course.      The weekend prior to the start of your course your instructor will send an email to your SMCC email account with location and updates for your course.   3. Using MyMathLab, MyItLab, MyEconLab or Mindtap?      MyMathLab, MyITLab and Mindtap require a registration code. This code can be purchased with your textbook from the college bookstore.       Contact your instructor for further instructions.       You can access MyMathLab, MyITLab, MyEconLab and Mindtap through Blackboard.   4. Need additional help? Call us or email us for further assistance.       Phone: 207-741-5696     Email:     General questions:

Are You Ready for an Online Course?

Learning Portals

Click here for BlackboardAll online courses are in Blackboard. Blackboard is the Learning Management System for SMCC. Click here to access Blackboard.


Click here to access MYSMCCSome face to face courses use the e-learning plaform in MySMCC to post class work and announcements. Click here to access MySMCC.


Click here to access school email. SMCC uses the Google Email suite for school email. All students and faculty use their school issued GMail account to communicate. Along with email, students have access to Google Drive, Calendar, Youtube and Hangouts. Click here to access SMCC GMail. 

All SMCC Online Systems use the same network ID and password. Click here for login instructions.

Blackboard Browser Check

Blackboard Browser Check

SMCC Online Bookstore

The SMCC Bookstore, located in the South Portland Campus Center, carries textbooks for SMCC's course offerings every semester and a wide variety of SMCC apparel and goods for students, parents, alumni and supporters.

Online Learning Orientations

Click here for the Library OrientationThe SMCC Library Orientation is designed to show you how to access and use key Library resources.  Click here to access the Library Orientation.


Click here to access the WISH study skills course. WISH (Workshops In Studying Here at SMCC) are half hour workshops on college success and study skills.
Click here to access the WISH Study Skills Orientation.


Click here to access the Online Learning OrientationThe Online Learning Orientation is designed to allow students to learn how to thrive in their online learning courses.

Click here to access the Online Learning Orientation.

Free Software

Click here to access Office 365SMCC offers the Microsoft Office Suite to all students and faculty. The Office Suite includes: Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and OneNote. Access these resources with your SMCC ID and password.  Click here to access Office 365.


Click here to download Firefox. The best web browser to use with Blackboard is Firefox. Firefox is available for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Click here to download Firefox.


Click here to download the Adobe PDF ReaderSome courses use PDF files. Your computer will need to be able to open PDF files. If you find your computer cannot open a PDF file, you will want to download and install the free Adobe PDF reader. Click here to access the Adobe PDF Reader.


Click here to access Google DriveGoogle Drive is a part of your school Gmail account. Google Drive allows you store files, create word, powerpoint and excel documents. It also allows you to share files with your classmates and instructors. Click here to access Google Drive.