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SMCC Moving Instruction Online: Frequently Asked Questions (Faculty FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I find Brightspace?

You can find Brightspace in MYSMCC. (Top menu). You can also access Brightspace directly here:

I can't find my course shell in Brightspace! What do I do?

No worries. Most courses in Brightspace are created two-three  months prior to the new term. But schedules change and new teachers are assigned. If you do not see your course in Brightspace, please contact Michael Hart for assistance.

What is the best browser for Brightspace?

Firefox is the best browser to use with Brightspace. DO NOT use Internet Explorer, Edge or Safari. If you use these browsers you will encounter issues while using the Gradebook.

You can download Firefox here:

Where do I find the Online, Library and Study Skills online workshops?

All faculty and students are enrolled in the Online Orientations. New students and faculty are enrolled each night @ 1am. You will find the orientations in Brightspace under the Academic Resources tab under My Courses widget. If you do not see the orientations, contact Michael Hart.

Do students need to take the online student orientation each semester?

No! Students only need to take the Online Student Orientation once a school year. After they take the orientation, they will be presented with a certificate of completion. They can submit this certificate to you for proof of completion.

When do students get access to their online courses?

Online credit courses will not be available until the first day of the term. Once the first day of the term starts @ 12:01 am, students will then see their courses in Brightspace. Students will lose access to the course when they are dropped from the course.

Can I connect MyMathLab or Mindtap or McGraw-Hill to my course?


Click here to learn how to connect MyMathLab

Click here learn how to connect Mindtap

Click here to learn how to connect to McGraw Hill Connect.

How do I request help with Brightspace?

 If you need technical assistance, you can request help here.

Is there an online SMCC bookstore?

Yes, students can purchase textbooks from the SMCC bookstore online. Click here to access the online SMCC bookstore.

Can I use a Chromebook or iPAd with Brightspace?

It is recommended that faculty NOT use Chromebooks or iPads as their primary device with online learning. In many cases, Chromebooks or iPads will work fine. But Chromebooks and iPads are not a full operating system and in some cases are not fully supported. Faculty should use either a Mac or Windows computer.

Where can I download Word, Powerpoint or Excel for home use?

Students and faculty can download and install Word, Powerpoint or Excel for home use. Click here to access MS Office. Use your school email and password when prompted.

How do I use Word, Powerpoint or Excel?

Click here to access online video tutorials on using Word, Powerpoint or Excel.

How do I use Google Drive?

Click here to access online video tutorials on using Google Drive.

Is there online tutoring @ SMCC?

Yes! Click here to access online tutoring @ SMCC.

Brightspace is doing weird things! What do I do?

Most issues with Brightspace are due to using an unsupported web browser. The best web browser to use with Brightspace is Firefox. If something does not work in Brightspace, try the following prior to contacting support. (1) Use Firefox. (2)Make sure Firefox is up to date. (3)Clear your history/cache, (4) Logout and close Firefox (5)Reopen Firefox and try Brightspace again.

Is Brightspace down?

Brightspace has a 99% up time. It is rarely down. In some cases your home internet connection or your computer is the reason you may not be able to access Brightspace. Click here to tell if Brightspace is up and running.


Do I need to use my SMCC email account?


Yes! You need to use your SMCC school email while you teach courses @ SMCC. To protect student data and verify identity in online courses, we require all faculty to use SMCC email. 

You can access school email here.


How do I take a screen shot (Windows)?


Click here to learn how to take a screen shot.